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Davy Yockey - Auto Accidents Lawyer

Single Vehicle Crashes:

Single Vehicle Crashes

Single vehicle crashes happen often as well, especially among younger drivers. These types of crashes include running off the road, slipping on ice and spinning out of control, hitting stationary objects, and many other situations. Generally, overcorrecting a small mistake or braking too hard to avoid an obstacle are the most common root causes of these accidents. While the variety of these types of crashes makes it difficult to give advice on how to avoid all single car accidents, there are two important actions you can take to avoid single car crashes: avoid dangerous speeds that make reacting to obstacles safely more difficult and take extra care in inclement weather, as ice, snow, and rain make controlling your vehicle more challenging. You might be wondering if there are personal injury claims in single vehicle car accidents. That’s a good question, and you can learn about third-party liability here.

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