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J. Davy Yockey, Esquire - Class Action Lawsuits

Class Actions:

A class action lawsuit is used when a group of people with similar injuries that were caused by the same conduct or product bring lawsuits against a defendant. Often, class actions are brought in connection with, injuries arising out of dangerous products or toxic torts. However, they may also be appropriate in consumer fraud or mass tort situations, such as airplane crashes.

Simply put, a class action is used when multiple people have suffered the same or similar injuries, and those injuries are relatively minor. When your injuries are minor, it may not be worthwhile to bring a lawsuit on your own, and it may not be financially feasible for an attorney to take your case. However, if many people suffer similar minor injuries, a class action lawsuit is a great tool to seek redress and also deter the defendant from acting similarly in the future. When a large number of people are affected by a dangerous product, it may be difficult for them to file individual lawsuits.

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