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Davy Yockey - Child Injury Lawyer

Child Injury Laws:

There is simply no excuse for negligent or abusive actions that cause injury to innocent children. Whether your child has suffered because of a car, playground, or bicycle accident, a toxic toy, medical malpractice, or negligent childcare, you have a right to hold the responsible party accountable in a court of law. Contact us today to learn how we can help you obtain the compensation you and your child deserve.


Children are, by nature, less fearful than adults and less inclined to appreciate the risks associated with play or other activities. As a consequence, they are susceptible to accidents throughout any given day. While many accidents are caused by nothing more than children’s own exuberance, others may be due to someone’s negligence or a defective product. Davy Yockey has the experience and expertise to identify all the causes of your child’s accident injury or death and to hold each and every responsible party accountable through legal action.

Understanding Child Injury Laws:

Injuries to a child can be devastating to the child’s family.  Children and teenagers are highly at risk of serious injuries.  For example car accidents, bus accidents, fireworks, defective toys, poisonings from household products, playground incidents, swimming accidents, and animal attacks.  These incidents can lead to very large medical bills, follow-up care, and sometimes a need for lifelong care. 


Each state has different laws on these cases but in most states, the limitations don’t start running until the child turns 18.  A child has until the age of 19 to bring the suit, but this may change depending on if it involves sexual abuse or a child has legally been emancipated.


When children or parents are partially responsible for a child’s injuries or death, it raises complicated questions like, is it “reasonable”.   A child acts the way he or she does because of their age and or maturity level.  For example, in Alabama, if a child is capable of being negligent, it is based on the child’s age.  If the child is in between the ages of seven and 14 years old, then negligent is applied to that child.  Children over 14 are capable of making their own decisions.  In some cases, a lack of adult supervision causes the child’s injury. 


If a parent puts his or her child in someone else hands, like a daycare worker, and an injury arises that is referred to as negligent supervision.  In most states, the person in charge of the child will be responsible to pay the medical bills, out of pocket costs, and pain and suffering. 

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