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Blackout Wednesday, some call Drinksgiving, occurs on the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday. Many college students come home to be with their families and take Wednesday evening to reconnect with their high school friends at a local tavern. Many establishments consider Blackout Wednesday to be the biggest drinking night of the year. Bigger than New Year’s Eve or St. Patty’s Day. Excessive intoxication in these younger patrons is a great concern. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) reports more persons are killed because of drunk driving during Thanksgiving than the Christmas holiday. If your love ones or friends celebrate Blackout Wednesday what will you do?


Attorney, J. Davy Yockey, secured a 5.5 million settlement, for a 21-year old college student, who came home for Thanksgiving. Childhood friends made plans to celebrate Blackout Wednesday at a local restaurant with a band. On the way home, intoxicated (2X the legal limit), a momentary error in judgment, resulted in a fall causing a traumatic brain injury. Don’t let this happen to your love ones. Watch out for those who may not have the maturity to watch out for themselves. Dram shop claims against businesses that over serve alcohol are difficult to prosecute when the injured party is also guilty of drinking excessively. Twenty-one may be the minimum age to drink but, most parents recognize, that 21 is often not enough time to know when the line has been crossed. The young person, who led an active lifestyle prior to their brain injury, is now dependent on others for activities of daily living. The settlement will ensure that medical and related needs will be taken care of for the rest of their life. No amount of money will return the lives that were forever scarred by a tragedy that repeats every Thanksgiving. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! There are many options now to come home safely. Make sure this is priority one for this holiday.

Contact Davy at (215) 245-1544 or email him at with any questions.

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