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All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV):

A term that describes small, open buggy or tricycle motorized vehicles that typically operate off-road in rural areas.

The rise in popularity of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) has been

accompanied by a rise in catastrophic injury. Like cars, ATVs

are motorized vehicles that require adult skills and judgment

to operate safely. ATVs can travel up to speeds of 105 Km/h

and can weigh up to 227kg, approximately 500lbs. We

recognizes that while ATVs pose a degree of risk to all riders,

the risks are greater for children and youth.


In 2000/2001, severe injuries related to ATV use accounted

for 13% of all severe injuries sustained through sports and

recreational activities, making ATV related injuries the third

most common cause of severe injuries in sports and recreation.


Many studies have drawn attention to the burden

of ATV injuries. Catastrophic outcomes from ATV use were

also found through research published in “All Terrain Vehicle Riding” in Catastrophic Sports and Recreation Injuries


During the four years studied, 34 individuals under the age of 20 were catastrophically injured. That represents 41% of all individuals injured; of those 34 injured, 11 were under the age of 11. In addition to vehicle size and rider age, alcohol and lack of equipment are documented factors in ATV injuries.

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